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30Aug, 22

Useful information for tourists About Gardermoen Airport

How many hours before departure should I arrive at the airport? As a rule, it depends on the airline. Information about the start of registration is traditionally indicated on each ticket. Check it out or contact the airline for the exact check-in time.Most popular check-in arrival time:Domestic flights: check-in at least …
inrertaments in oslo airport10Aug, 22

Welcome to Oslo! What can you do at Oslo Airport Gardermoen?

TOP-6 entertainment If you have a layover in Gardermoen or are forced to while away the time while waiting for transport, our reminder will help you not to get bored. Modern Oslo Airport provides a pleasant stay, and here are some things to do there:   1. Enjoy food. There are more than 30 eateries …
is there an electric taxi in oslo?12May, 20

Electric taxi Gardermoen

With care for the environment Our company respects the environment and makes efforts to preserve it. We care about the ecology of our beloved city of Oslo and offer our customers a modern, convenient and fast electric taxi. Book eco taxi Turning to the services of our company, which provides services of a …
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