Electric taxi Gardermoen

With care for the environment

Our company respects the environment and makes efforts to preserve it. We care about the ecology of our beloved city of Oslo and offer our customers a modern, convenient and fast electric taxi.

electric taxi oslo

Turning to the services of our company, which provides services of a personal transfer to Oslo by electric cars, the client can be sure that he will be provided with a reliable and safe electric car. 


Modern technologies

No exhaust or carbon monoxide

We have 2021 premium electric cars Mercedes-Benz EQS (seats 3 passengers) and Mercedes-Benz EQV (seats 7 passengers). 

The Mercedes-Benz EQS has a power reserve of 700 km, while the Mercedes-Benz EQV has a power reserve of 700 km, so customers don’t have to worry that one charge of the electric car will not be enough for a trip, and the car will get stuck in the middle of the city. 

eco car oslo


Our electric cars are ready to carry passengers around Oslo, its sights and scenic spots all day without any problems.



No overpayments


The cost of a trip on an electric car is the same as on gasoline cars of the same class. Innovative electric vehicles are at the service of customers, the serviceable technical condition of which is monitored by highly qualified specialists. Electric cars are distinguished by a smooth ride, as quiet as possible. In addition to the specific advantages of our electric cars, related to their environmental friendliness, quietness and smoothness of movement, they have all the advantages of gasoline cars: great speed and maneuverability, full climate control and impeccable reliability.

    eco taxi

    Usual level of comfort

    In an elegant black electric car without identification marks with a respectably dressed driver, even guests of Oslo will feel comfortable and will be able to adequately arrive at an event of any importance: a concert or theater premiere, a business conference or a political summit. Absolutely the same level of service is received by customers who come to Oslo for vacation.

    Electric taxi from Gardermoen airport in Oslo and in Oslo itself is the choice of passengers who care about environmental issues. Take part in the preservation of nature and enjoy traveling on the most high-tech type of city transport!

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