Welcome to Oslo! What can you do at Oslo Airport Gardermoen?

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If you have a layover in Gardermoen or are forced to while away the time while waiting for transport, our reminder will help you not to get bored. Modern Oslo Airport provides a pleasant stay, and here are some things to do there:


Enjoy food.

There are more than 30 eateries at the airport, ranging from coffee shops to upscale restaurants. Modern Scandinavian design and appropriate restraint make many of these places very attractive. Several establishments are open 24 hours a day.


There are not so many shops, but you will definitely find something to your liking! They are carefully selected, and there are mini-marts as well as larger stores, several bookstore outlets, local delicacies food markets, pharmacies and hardware stores.


Go shopping


Sit in a business lounge


OSL Business Lounge is ready to accept economy class passengers for an additional fee. Take advantage of all premium services: food, drinks and Wi-Fi in a comfortable environment. You can pre-book your lounge pass online or pay at the door.



Free Wi-Fi runs for 2 hours per connection, although you can reconnect for free after the time expires.


Take advantage of high-speed Wi-Fi


Take care of your appearance


A 20-minute manicure or pedicure is done for you in Lakkbar. Cutters offers a no-frills haircut and styling service that keeps you looking fresh even after the longest flight.


At Gardermoen Airport, there are several sun loungers with footrests located in front of the exchange office in the arrivals area. If you want more comfort, book a real hotel, two of them are located on the territory of the airport, they are accessed by a covered passage.


Take a nap

We hope our information was useful to you. Have a good time in Gardermoen!


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