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Gardermoen Airport is the center of tourist life in Norway, it is the country’s largest international airport. It is separated from the center of Oslo by a distance of 110 km. It is in the central part of the Norwegian capital that it is most interesting for a traveler to stay. A wealth of attractions, a vibrant cultural scene, and a beautiful mix of modern and historic architecture make a stay in Oslo an unforgettable experience for anyone visiting Norway. In this regard, the question of how to organize a transfer from Gardermoen to Oslo with the least effort and time costs is very relevant.

Entrust this issue to us: we have been operating in the market of personal transfers on premium cars for five years, and every day the number of customers satisfied with the services we provide is increasing. In the low tourist season, you can order a transfer day-to-day, but in the high season it is advisable to pre-order at least a day before the trip. If you plan to ride at night, you will need to make a prepayment. You can do this by transferring to the current account of our company. The rest of the amount can be paid to the driver in cash or by card.

The main advantages of a personal transfer offered by our company are punctuality, reliability, safety and respectability. All of our vehicles are black Mercedes, no more than three years old, passing regular thorough maintenance and not having any signs of taxi cars.


We offer taxi services from Gardermoen to Oslo 

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    Our drivers are some of the best professionals in their field in Norway, who speak at least one foreign language. Our service is attention to every detail, from an umbrella in the car to a smooth ride, thanks to which you will not suffer from travel sickness.

    How to book a taxi in from Airport to Oslo?

    taxi from gardermoen to oslo

    Some adventurous travelers prefer to get from Gardermoen to Oslo on their own, but we are of the opinion that on vacation you need to relax, and not be a navigator and driver in one person. Fumbling with maps, building a route, finding the right car, loading luggage, driving on unfamiliar roads are not the kind of activities that will allow you to switch off and enjoy your trip.

    Meanwhile, contacting our company, you will receive a full service, from a meeting with a name plate at the airport to assistance with unloading luggage at the doorstep of your hotel.


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