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Despite the fact that the modern man is becoming more and more individualistic, it is still often necessary or more reasonable to travel in groups. The group transfer option is chosen by large families or companies of friends, excursion and tourist groups, as well as organized groups of employees sent on a business trip and arriving at a conference, seminar, summit. Most of our clients choose group transfer services to comfortably get to their destination from Gardermoen Airport to Oslo. Also, very often group transfer is needed directly around the city, as it allows you to conveniently conduct excursions or deliver clients traveling together to various events. It can be a theater or film premiere, a banquet, a museum exhibition, etc.   Photo by Zane Priedīte on Unsplash

At the service of our clients who wish to use group transfer are minibuses VAN – Mercedes EQV and Mercedes Sprinter. We can organize the transportation of large groups of passengers, since the capacity of Mercedes Sprinter is 16 people, and VAN accommodates 7 people. All minibuses are not older than three years, are maintained in perfect technical condition and are painted in classic black. No yellow cabs or flashy markings – we carry out group transfer in accordance with a premium standard of service that is discreet and respectful, even if our clients are just heading to the ski resort.

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We meet all our clients at the airport with a name plate, so there is no need to search for a car dragging heavy luggage. In the event of a flight delay, waiting is free, since there is no fault of the clients in such situations.

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    To make the journey as comfortable as possible, our drivers dressed in suits offer passengers water, umbrellas, and wet wipes. Minibuses are equipped with total climate control systems. Passengers with allergies or intolerant of pungent odors are pleasantly surprised by the unobtrusive expensive aroma of the interiors of our minibuses.

    Those who can’t handle car rides because of motion sickness need not worry about it: our company’s drivers drive so smoothly that even the most sensitive passengers are satisfied with the smoothness of the car ride.

    Our main specialization is in the transportation of groups of tourists over long distances, mainly to ski resorts. The most popular destinations we serve are Trysil, Geilo and Nourefjell. Trysil is the famous Norwegian resort with the longest snow period. Geilo, located between the cities of Oslo and Bergen, is a real favorite for families, and Nurefjell is the oldest of the Norwegian ski resorts, hosting the Olympics in 1952, where fans of extreme skiing can roam.

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